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We are distributors of innovative and quality agriculture products. Formulated and produced in Saskatchewan to address the agriculture soil conditions across Canada.

Our products have been scientifically researched and are CFIA registered products. Used by local producers to enhance their soil, crop production, crop health, while improving their soil conditions, production, and crop quality.

Importance of Crop Nutrition

Nutrition availability to plants by increasing the microorganisms in the soil will provide sources of macro and micro nutrients to the plant that may not be readily available without this supplementation throughout the growing and maturing phases.

Microorganisms also stimulate the production of root and leaf development, by providing nutrients for growth, health, and protection from diseases and insects. The development of plant growth also contributes to the potential of the critical improvements of the organic matter in your soils. To assist in the conservation of soils, prevention of leaching of both natural and input nutrients.

Foliar Feeding of Nutrients

The addition of a complete package of liquid nutrients, with herbicides or fungicides at the proper time can further your opportunity to optimize crop production while reducing weeds and any potential diseases.

Foliar feeding of macro and micronutrients provides producers the option of lowering spring inputs while providing later seasonal optimization of production, regardless of weather conditions being dry or wet.

Our Products

Distributors of Crop Aid

Crop Aid Plus

Enhances and promotes beneficial soil biology which improves fertilizer and nutrient uptake to the plant

Ingredients:    Kelp extract, Lignin extract, Zinc EDTA, Iron EDTA, Manganese EDTA, Boron

Application and Timing:    Spray with pre-burn herbicides OR inject in seed row with liquid fertilizer at sowing AND spray in crop with herbicide, fungicide or insecticide application. Safe to mix with most herbicides, fungicides and insecticides *

Application Rates:    2 applications of 250ml/acre each during growing season

Crop Aid Seed

Boosts rhizosphere health by encouraging microbial colonies at the seed and roots which improves seed germination and vigor

Ingredients:    Kelp extract, Nitrogen 2%, Phosphorus 6%, Potassium 1.5%, Sulphur 1%, Boron, Manganese EDTA, Iron EDTA, Zinc EDTA

Application and Timing:    Liquid solution is applied directly onto seed at any time prior to seeding. Safe to mix with most fungicides, insecticides and inoculants *

Application Rates:    100 ml/bushel. Add water if necessary to achieve optimal seed coverage

Crop Aid Foliar Fertilizer

Provides much needed micro-nutrients at critical stages of growth which maximizes plant health and increases yield

Rebound 7-13-0-5

Ingredients:    Boron, Manganese EDTA, Iron EDTA, Copper EDTA, Molybdenum EDTA, Zinc EDTA

React 4-3-6-10

Ingredients:    Boron, Manganese EDTA, Copper EDTA, Molybdenum EDTA, Zinc EDTA (micronutrient levels are almost double compared to Crop Aid Rebound)

Application Recommendations:    Apply directly onto plant foliage with conventional agriculture or aerial sprayers. Safe to mix with most herbicides, fungicides and insecticides *

Application Rates:    1 litre/acre; 1-2 times per season

Application Timing:    Cereal Crops: 4-6 leaf stage and flag to early heading stage
Pulse Crops: 2-4 leaf stage and early flowering
Oil Seeds: 2 leaf up to early bolting stage

Crop Aid Citric Acid

Normalizes water pH and ties up TDS (contaminants) which improves tank mixes and absorption by the plants

Ingredients:    Citric Acid

Application Rates:    Amount added depends on pH of water; use supplied pH kit to determine how much Crop Aid Citric Acid to add
* Jar tests are always recommended

Research has determined that for optimal performance of glyphosate your optimal pH should be between 5 & 6.

Information & Results

Kelp & Lignin

Kelp - an excellent bio-stimulant - and Lignin - a high-quality source of carbon and nitrogen - are both ingredients of Crop Aid Plus and Crop Aid Seed. Together they boost the health of the rhizosphere which is hugely influential in a crop's ability to absorb both fertilizer applications and nutrients that are bound up in the soil. With superior access to nutrients, plants are healthier, are better able to fight off diseases and pests, and produce greater yields.


The Rhizosphere is the area of soil immediately surrounding the roots of all plants, and home to millions of beneficial bacterial colonies. These essential micro-organisms refine and concentrate fertilizer applications and soil nutrients, which plants take up. As plants come under stress, they excrete sugars into the rhizosphere, further encouraging the colonies to refine nutrients which they use to stay strong. In other words, healthy rhizosphere = healthy crops.

Quality Ingredients

EDTA means each micronutrient has an organic compound (chelate) around it. In the soil, chelates improve the seed/root's ability to take up nutrients and keeps them from being tied up in the soil. In a foliar application, the chelate allows the nutrient to pass through the waxy leaf much easier. Once absorbed, the chelate breaks down and the nutrient is releaseed and utilized by the plant. Crop Aid uses only high-grade ingredients, including EDTA micronutrients.

Quality Water

Most farms use water for spraying that is filled with minerals, salts, metals and other contaminants. The pH of this poor-quality water can range from 7-10. The ideal water pH for glyphosate is 5.0-5.5, so adjusting the pH of water is essential. Crop Aid Citric Acid is easy to use. In addition to being a mild chelate, it helps to lower the pH of the water to the desired level. With proper water pH, you get better efficiency from the chemicals you apply. Citric Acid has been proven to tie up TDS, further enhancing spraying efficacy.

Clubroot Trial

The results showed that CROP AID PLUS biostimulant activates and promotes specific soil micro-organisms which are responsible for reducing and eliminating clubroot spores and maintaining plant growth and yield under clubroot disease pressure.

Clubroot Trial Summary Clubroot Trial Results
Result Highlights
4.0 bu/acre yield increase over control
3.0 bu/acre yield increase over control
4.0 bu/acre yield increase over control


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